Personalized Hiring

 Personalized Hiring in Data and Analytics (for Corporates)

We are TALiNT consulting, and we help you solve your hiring needs in the Data and Analytics space. The founders are seasoned data analytics professionals, with an average of 20 years of experience in this space. From our personal backgrounds, we understand the difficulties in hiring quality mid-senior level professionals in this space, and the time, effort and money you spend. We will make your life easier.

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What we do

Personalized Hiring in Data and Analytics (for Corporates)

Every recruitment solution promises to save you time and effort in hiring the best candidates. At TALiNT, we deliver on that promise by avoiding cookie-cutter approaches for a personalized one.


We break down your data and analytics job requirements and past recruitment patterns into a set of attributes across hard and soft skills. Your attribute set is matched with profiles of candidates from our platform, who are then micro-certified across technical, domain and life-skills. We then assign an overall fitment score for the candidate to your job role. 


We back up our recommendations by conducting post-hiring checks with you to ensure best results.

Our Methodology

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Personalized Interviews

Expert(s) from our panel assess the skillsets of candidates from our curated lists specifically for your job role

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Micro Certification

Certifications specifc to your company’s data analytics roles, covering all attributes that really matter to you

Well Rounded Skills

We understand that candidates need to be proficient in technical, soft and domain/industry skills

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Trusted Recommendations

Our ongoing engagement with some of these candidates for personalized up-skillng allows us to confidently recommend those we have observed closely


Why Use TALiNT Consulting


Get fully vetted candidates who are a true fit to your job role, technically as well as culturally


Objective feedback on your definition of skills; use the same lens in every instance


Lesser profiles to screen, lesser interviews, no need to pull out your best team members for exhausting interview rounds


It is not just the candidates that are a great fit for you; you are a great fit for the candidates!

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