Personalized Assessment

Personalized Assessment in Data and Analytics (for Individuals)

  • Do you, in full confidence, want insights on your current standing in the data analytics marketplace? 

  • Are you a data analytics professional who has hit the glass ceiling?

  • Have you trained on new-gen data and analytics technologies, but unsure of its value in the job market?

  • Do you want personalized guidance on how to build your data analytics career?

We at TALiNT Consulting are seasoned data analytics professionals with an average of 20 years experience in this space. We will conduct a personalized assessment, based on both your background and your aspirations, and provide you feedback vis-a-vis  job trends in the marketplace. 

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What we do

Personalized Assessment in Data and Analytics (for Individuals)

Assessment solutions are often generic. This cookie cutter approach gives you feedback that you are already aware of; one that does not add any real value to you.

At TALINT, each assessment is a personalized one. We assess you for your specific skills (technical skills, life-skills and domain/industry skills) based on your background, experience and learning. We then provide feedback on where you stand against your dream job.

Our personalized assessment is completely FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. We will not share it with anyone, but you,  without your explicit permission.


Our Methodology

Business Meeting

Face to Face Interviews

Expert(s) from our panel will assess your skill-sets based on your background and the target job role, through recorded video interviews


Enhanced by Technology

Your questions will be tailored from a common question bank for your situation and adaptively served up. Assessment is done through a combination of expert judgement and automated systems driven by computer vision, voice analytics, machine learning and NLP/NLG

Business Meeting

Holistic Assessment

We understand that job roles need a combination of technical, soft and domain/industry skills. Our assessments and subsequent reports cover all these areas.


Trusted Recommendations

Our ongoing engagement with corporates, our personal background in data analytics and our our continuous scanning of the data analytics market place, help us provide you with relevant recommendations.


Frequently Asked Questions

For individuals, regarding personalized assessment

Why do you record the interviews?

To help us scale to assessing hundreds of candidates, some parts of the assessment may be automated using a combination of computer vision, voice analytics, machine learning and NLP/NLG

Who will conduct the interview?

An expert from the area will conduct the interview. Some parts of the interview might be automated

Is it free?

Yes - the assessment is free. We will review your profile, conduct a video interview and provide you with an assessment report (and recommendation) at absolutely no cost or commitment to you

Will the assessment be confidential?

Your assessment reporting (and the recording of the interview itself) will not be shared with anyone, but you, without your explicit consent

What do I need to do to get a personalized assessment?

Send an email to with subject "Request for Personalized Assessment"

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